Dixie Royal 660 Beverage Vending

Dixie Royal 660 Beverage Vending

9 selections multi price bubble front soda vending machine. This machine will vend 20oz 16.9oz bottles 12oz cans and even large energy drink cans like rock star & Monster. This machine needs no shims to do this just adjust the space to sales setting in the programming. This machine is a high capacity stack vendor with a drop sensor to ensure customer receives product or a refund.


  • Model DN5000
  • Coke Deco
  • Multi Price
  • Elevator Vend
  • Coins Conlux 5 Tube
  • Bills Conlux $1/$5
  • Credit Card Capable
  • DEX (Protocol)
  • Live Display
  • 45 selections
  • 360-405 Products
  • 72″ H x 52.2″ W x 35″ D

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