Naturals2Go MVP Vending

Naturals2Go MVP Vending

Total Variety

With freely configurable coil system, and included conveyer shelf, you can vend any product your location may want. Cans, bottles, chips, bars, sandwiches, yogurt, fruit cups, salads…. There is no limit to the types of products you can offer your locations.

Total Flexibility

With shelving that can be moved up, down, or even swapped out, you can convert your combo machine to all drink, all snack, or any mix of the two. With the ability to replace coil shelves with conveyer belt shelves, you can even turn your machine into an all food vending center.

Total Expandability

With our Modular Vending Platform, if you need additional capacity, you can simply add a satellite unit and expand your capacity of drinks and snacks. You can even set your vending center to be all snacks on one side, with all drinks on the other.

Absolute Product Delivery

All Naturals2Go MVP line machines come standard with our high speed, quiet elevator delivery system. This means you can put any product on any shelf, and not worry about the drop to the bottom. The super efficient elevator system has 10 product detection lasers to insure a proper delivery every time. No worries about customers not getting their products.

Most Advanced Ever

Equipped with a 12 inch interactive touch screen, that can not only play images and video for advertising purposes, it is a fully interactive purchase center. Users can select products, view details, and even make a purchase right from the touch screen. Most screen equipped machines are only capable of displaying video, with no interactivity.

Free Vending Service for Your Office, School or Business!

We provide both healthy & traditional options & supply a variety of equipment that can fit into any location that meets the needs of your business, school or facility. What are you waiting for? Reach out to us today!